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Rachel Dolhun

Rachel Dolhun


Let's skip to the punch line: I'm running a (virtual) half-marathon to raise money for Parkinson's research. And I need your support.

Support could be: donating to fund research (100% of proceeds go directly to research -- and I've set a lofty fundraising goal!), keeping me accountable (this is my first half-marathon. eek!), sharing my page on social media or with others, raising awareness about Parkinson's, or whatever else feels comfortable!

More than 6 million people worldwide live with Parkinson's. There is no cure for the disease. And medications and other treatments can help, but often not enough. Your support will help move us toward better treatments and a cure.

Thanks for reading and thanks for supporting me (in this and everything else!).




raised of $1,000 goal



Recent Donations

1. HTHolly Teichholtz
GO RACH!!! You are going to #crushit!
2. EDEduardo Dolhun
Rachel, I am proud of you. The work is important. Thank you and the MJF. Eduardo
3. BCBinith Cheeran
4. DJDan Church Jr.
5. LHLindsay Hawkins
Good luck Rach, it’s such an achievement. Just have fun out there. No gold medals. Just great times!! Xx