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Thank you for lacing up a for The Michal J. Fox Foundation's Fox Trot 5K Run/Walk Signature Series. We rely on your dedication to help us reach our ultimate finish line -- a cure. 

Since 2006,  more than 8,000 community members have joined us in our commitment to speed a cure by joining 
Team Fox, our grassroots fundraising program, signing up as an official sponsored athletic team,  lacing up for a Fox Trot 5K Run/Walk signature events and hopping on a bike for the Tour de Fox cycling series -- raising more than $65 million to advance Parkinson’s research.

And thanks to the generous support of an anonymous donor, 100 percent of the proceeds raised as a Fox Trot participant go directly to the Foundation’s programs to speed a cure for Parkinson’s disease (PD).

On this page, you'll find out more about participating in a Fox Trot and some key fundraising tips to help you reach your personal goals!


Three Ways to Participate:

  • Become a Team Captain: Start a team and recruit, motivate and inspire family, friends and networks to join you and contribute on              race day!
  • Join an Existing Team: Sign up with family and friends who are already participating and raise funds together.
  • Walk or Run as an Individual: No team…no problem! Everyone can make an impact. Register as an individual. Show your support                  and engage others who may want to donate or take part in the event.

Ten Tips for Fantastic Fundraising:

    1. 1.  Set a fundraising goal and share with friends and family, so that they can help you reach it!
    1. 2.  Make the first contribution to yourself to kick-start your fundraising and show supporters that you are personally committed.
    1. 3.  Personalize your message. Your supporters want to hear why you care about finding a cure for PD -- and how they can help. We have templates for your fundraising pages, emails, and other materials, but your words, photos and inspiration will make your story shine.
  5. 4.  Identify your networks of support. Brainstorm people and groups who you know: Your network is bigger than you realize. Take time to map out your connections and consider who to reach out to and how, whether through email, social media, mailing a letter or a direct conversation. Start by thinking about:
    • Friends and family
    • Current/ former colleagues and classmates
    • Your professional, volunteer or religious networks
    • Your social, hobby or reactional groups
Don’t limit yourself – Think outside of your direct connections remember that, there are many people whose lives or loved ones have been affected by Parkinson’s disease and have interest in supporting you and the cause.

  1. 5.  Start with a small fundraising initiative like a bake sale, yard sale, happy hour, game night, or car wash. Be creative!
  1. 6.  Keep your donors engaged. Keep people who give updated on your efforts with emails, social media posts and regular communication -- and ask them to help spread the word. They want to know how your event or training is going -- and when you hit milestones!
  1. 7.  Follow up on donation asks: People are bombarded by emails and social media and people often intend to give closer to the event but forget. So keep reminding them! The majority of donations come in within the last two weeks of the event date. And remember to include information about matched gifts
  1. 8.  Inspire by sharing the impact of donations in the lives of people with Parkinson’s. Learn more about what The Michael J. Fox Foundation is doing to accelerate research and, ultimately, a cure. Help educate your donors on how their dollars and your efforts are making a tangible difference for people with Parkinson’s and their loved ones: You can start with The Michael J Fox Foundation’s impact.
  1. 9.  Don’t forget about matching gift opportunities. Encourage your supporters to explore their employer’s matching gift programs. Many corporations will match their employee’s donations to an accredited charitable organization. It's an easy way to double or even triple the impact of a personal contribution. You can share and use our online resource for finding matching gift programs.  If an employer does not come up in the results, contact the specific HR department.
  1. 10.  Say “thank you.” Take the time to express your gratitude in a meaningful way.  Make your supporters feel a part of your efforts. For example, send a personal thank you note or email to everyone who donates.  Make sure to send a final update post event with fundraising totals that shares your gratitude.

Tips for Team Captains:

  • Personalize your Team Page with photos, a catchy team name, team fundraising goals and messaging.  Make your team stand out!
  • Recruit team members by reaching out to your networks. Share your inspiration for participating and why they should join you!
  • Check in with your team members regularly. Make sure they are up to date on your team’s progress and any important day-of                     details.

 Top Fundraising Incentives

To qualify for individual incentives all fundraising must be reflected on your individual fundraising page. If you are on a team, your individual fundraising totals will count towards the team fundraising totals, but team totals do not count towards individual incentive eligibility.

Individual Incentives:
  • With Registration – Fox Trot 5K T-Shirt
  • Raised $250  - Earn official Fox Trot swag
  • Raised $1,000 – Your name will be listed on the Top Individual Fundraising banner displayed at the event.*

Team Incentives:
  • Raise $5,000 – Your Team name will be listed on the Top Team Fundraising banner displayed at the event.* 
  • Raise $10,000 – Earn a branded Race Day Team Tent (Must guarantee 5 or more on-site participants)**

* Amount must be reflected on your individual and/or team page two weeks prior to your event date. 
**Amount must be reflected on your team page three weeks prior to your event date.